Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding our traffic exchange services? Below are some of the more common questions that are asked by our members, If you feel your question is not answered here please contact us.

  • Q. Rules for members' websites
    • Your site(s) do load in 10 seconds or under.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain url redirection.
    • Your site(s) should NOT display antivirus alerts.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain any pop up windows.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain any alert message boxes.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain any hidden Iframes.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain any hidden crypto miners.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain inappropriate content.
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain any Malicius CPM Ads.
    • Your site(s) do NOT break out of the surf frame.

  • Q. Why is my site being rejected?
    • Your link does not respect the rules.
    • Your link does not work.
    • Your link does not allow access from

  • Q. What are the Basic Terms and Conditions
    • Your account will become inactive if not used for 30 days.
    • Your account may be Deleted if not used for 180 days.
    • Your account will be Deleted if it causes our traffic exchange system any problems.
    • You are NOT allowed to have more than one(1) account.

  • Q. How Can I Earn Website Traffic (credits)
      Their are many ways our members can earn website traffic.

    • When You first join you will receive 25 Bonus traffic exchange credits.
    • Click and earn 1 credit (1:1 Click Ratio).
    • Earn 10% of your referrals' earnings.
    • You can participate in our In House contests and win Roguetoken.

    • to validate your click and confirm your presence click on

  • Q. I Have Not Received My Account Activation email
      Your Account activation link was sent to the email address you supplied during the sing-up process.

    • Check to make sure the activation email did not accidentally find its way into your junk email folder.
    • Add our domain to your trusted sender list.
    • Click here to Resend your account Activation Link.
    • Still having trouble? Contact Us

  • Q. Still Looking For An Answer To Your Questions
      If you feel that your question was not answered here please feel free to contact us
      and a representative will address any questions or concerns you may have.
      Contact Us


Web Marketing

A click exchange is a free solution for promoting your website to a large number of Internet users, while at the same time discovering other users' sites. With everything is automated: the more you click, the more you recharge your click credit, and the more visitors you'll get to your website.




Monthly contest

We reward members who participate in our services with a monthly contest. The first 10 members each month will receive a gift in the form of Roguetokens, which they can freely redeem in the store. Results will be determined according to the number of clicks achieved in the current month.